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We all do it!

Athletes do it, celebrities do it, I do it, and many politicians do it…and often. Some people do it better than others, and some are so insincere (Lance Armstrong) we wished they hadn’t done it at all.

We are talking about the “A” word.  Apparently one of the hardest things for people to say, and if done improperly, without authenticity and sincerity can be disastrous. A fake “I’m Sorry” is like a slap in the face.

The most recent celebrity to come out and drop the “A” word is our beloved funny guy Jonah Hill. Mr. Hill used an unfortunate homophobic term that has his PR entourage working overtime, LA a buzz and the LGBT Community hurt. So he did like any well oiled Hollywood PR managed machine would do.  He issued a very public and sincere apology and manned the Fu up.  To me a great PR Crisis Management Plan is like insurance, you don’t want to use it, hope to ever need it, but when it’s there and it’s well executed, it makes a huge difference in cleaning up the aftermath.

If, and when your time comes to say, “I AM SORRY” never delay in the gesture, be sincere, be steadfast, don’t elaborate on excuses, and move on. In PR terms, difuse the situation as fast as possible! For more information and tips on the perfect apology visit, “The Perfect Apology”

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