This Spring I attended the 2nd Annual Dig South Conference in Charleston, SC.  Held April 9-13th, the 5-day Festival included a 2-day interactive conference with over 200 presenters, music, parties, an industry expo, dine arounds, craft beer gardens, dirt kickin Shindigs, and lots of inspiring, creative, curious and cutting edge people. Only celebrating its second year, the event is rightfully being positioned as the next SXSW and the subject of this Loulu blog entry (aka – love letter).

To visionaries Sunny & Stan Gray – Thank you for bringing this event to Charleston. Thank you for your vision, passion, the mash ups, the meet ups, sync ups, and the endless buffet of mind candy. Thank you DIG South for allowing me to kick dirt to some great bands and for awakening the giant in us all.  We ALL left there better. Thank you to the staff, the partners, advisory board and sponsors.  Thank you volunteers for herding cats and showing me where room D was several times.

In Case You Didn’t Attend DIG South, Here’s Our Top Ten Reasons Why You Should…

1) It’s In Charleston, SC and Not Afraid To Let You Know It

2) It’s Ground Zero For The Curious, The Creative & The Cutting Edge

3) More Than 200 Presenters Blowing Your Mind

4) The Event is Void Of Ego – Just Cool Peeps Looking For More Info

5) The Music

6) The City Is On Fire..

7) It’s The Southeast’s Premiere Interactive Festival Celebrating Technology, Startups, Innovation, Music, & Creativity

8)  Because Although A Valid Business Expense, It’s A Big-Hot-Smart-Party That Served Fried Chicken & Collards!

9) Some Day You Will Look Back And Brag That You Were There From The Start…

10) Trucker Hats…

The Deslondes at DIG South 2014

The Deslondes at DIG South 2014


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