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I am going to take a stab in the dark, and assume that if you are reading this, it is because you are interested in communications, PR and Marketing. As social scientists,  we are constantly analyzing the various methods or streams in which people, and society, process information, and react to that information.
Are people reading the paper? What is the best time of day to tweet? Who is using Pinterest, how will it help my client? Does social media even work? You get the point…
I recently watched a dated interview with the wickedly smart Mark Zuckerburg. What  I believe he understood as a young Harvard coed, studying hours alone on his computer, and witnessing thousands of other students doing the same – is that people are in desperate need to establish and find their community. Zuckerburg is not an IT wiz, he is a marketing genius. Isolated by the rabid evolution of  technology and gadgets, we move further away from one of our most basic  human needs.


People by nature need each other, we seek confirmation, affirmation and comradry. We desire authentic dialogue with our friends and look to share our everyday lives with people we  like. To witness this  go to Starbucks, a local gym, restaurant,  movie theater and observe.  These are businesses that also understand and capitalize on the fact that PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE! You could just as easily make coffee, work out, eat,  and watch movies at home, but we don’t, because it is not as much fun and does not satisfy our desire to interact with others.
What is working for Facebook and will  help benefit your business is to engage  your community. Activate your network, your friends, your colleagues, past clients and potential. Ask people questions, post lessons learned and share tips and advice via your blog, don’t regurgitate content.  Let your community post to your site, share viral videos. We are a content and information driven society, so offer your followers a platform to be heard. Check out Jeff Bullas “90 Tips To Make Your Blog Rock” and start building your own community of followers one person at a time.
If you build it, they will come! Be who you are, hold firm on the company (or personal) philosophy and voice when you write, post, blog, or update your Facebook page.   Stay consistent with your messaging, speak your truth and your community will grow!
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