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Awww yes, it is that time of year again. The annual adult substitute for the  high school yearbook superlative…”The 2011 List”. You know what I am talking about,  every media outlets idea of the sexiest, prettiest, funniest, best fashion moments, best bodies, best and worst of everything, etc. I am thinking these list were solidified back in November so a few hard working, and underpaid editors could take some time off for the holidays? Just a theory (not the hard working, underpaid part, we all know that’s true).
So in light of the New Year fast approaching, and since I normally buck the norm, I am going to jump on the bandwagon.  So here is my Top Ten, 2011 Top Ten List.

Loulu’s Top Ten, 2o11 Top Ten Lists:

1) Best List of Social Media Practices – Brought to you by the one and only Forbes.com
2) Top Ten of Everything 2011 – Brought to You By Time Magazine
3) Top 10 Cities in the United States – Brought To You By Conde Nast Traveler
4) 25 Top Fashion Moments In 2011 – Thank You FashionINDIE
5) Top Ten Sports Moments of the 1st half of 2011 – Brought to You by ESPN in July, of course they were ahead of the game 
6) Top Ten Viral Videos Of 2011 – Brought To You By Funny People, Animals, YouTube and Chance
7) Top Ten CNN Heroes of 2011 – Annually Brought To You By CNN & Many Inspirational People
8)  The Top 70 People That Matter- Not loving The Heading, But Brought To You By Forbes
9) Top Hits and Misses In the Entertainment Business – Brought to You By The Paper In  The Heart of it all “The Los Angeles Times”
10) Top Ten Viral Ads Of 2011 – Thanks YouTube, notice the VW commercial I highlighted in November 2010 as an ad to keep your eye on.
Hope you enjoy the list, I am off to make some Top Ten Moments of my own!
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a Very Happy New Year!
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