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The LOULU (LOW-loo) palm tree is native to the Hawaiian islands. Leaves (or Fronds) from the palm have been used to make hats and roofs for protection for many years. Over time the native plant has had to adapt to various conditions to allow it to survive the unique elements native to each specific island. LOULU seemed like a fitting name for a Marketing and PR company…
As a Publicist, Marketer and Brand Ranger, I am hired to consult businesses on how to  manage,  plan, adapt and evolve their communications. I am paid to protect their image,  market and promote their messaging, which in turn will allow them to build their customer base.
Most publicists and marketers are wired a certain way. We are always listening, studying, thinking, observing, adapting, questioning and adjusting. Similar to the LOULU palm, marketers are constantly evolving to their surroundings,  tweaking what works, and what does not in order to strengthen the foundation and messaging. Like any tree on a windy island, being flexible is paramount to survival.
Here are a couple traits of a modern marketer:
1. Remain Curious – Never stop learning or become complacent with where you  are, or what you know about your clients. Evolve your techniques, technology,  messaging and advertising  in order to stay relevant and as cliche as it is, “keep your finger on the pulse.”
2. Support Your Network  & Grow Your Foundation- I live in Charleston, this market is renowned for supporting local farmers, designers, chefs, and artists. The lowcountry looks after its own and proudly and successfully supports “home grown”. Whether your community  is made up  of your office, business, or city,  remember a strong foundation matters, will provide you with the strength to grow your business and is the basis of any successful empire.
3. Be A Visionary – Stop thinking about the past, what has been done, how to recreate. Be a forward thinker, stay outside the box and remain creative. The most successful companies broke molds. Dream big, and surround yourselves with people who challenge you to do so.
4. Stay Real – I have been preaching this for about a year now, the more we technologically evolve the more we  seek what is real and authentic. No matter how busy, make yourself available to your clients and customers. Admit mistakes, share real life stories, be empathetic, stay connected and stay real. See“How Being Human Is The New Black”
5. Remain Flexible – There will come a point in time when your ability to adjust and remain flexible determines whether you will survive. Like the Loulu palm, it is the small adjustments to the surroundings and your ability to observe them, that will make you prevail. Be bold and aggressive…not rigid.
6. Be Knowledgeable – Back to my first tip….curiosity. Regardless of the industry you represent, try to become an expert in that field. The basic formula of marketing can be learned, but you cannot learn enough about the industries you represent.
Mahalo My Fellow Marketers…
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