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Hollie Wood is a collector, stylist and interior designer. She sees her work as a treasure hunt that takes her deep into the mountains of the south, the global markets abroad, antique malls and thrift stores. She unveils and brings life back to items lost in bins, forgotten in attics, and abandoned in garages. Born 1982 in Chapin, SC into a family of collectors, Hollie’s aesthetic springs from a modest and thrifty childhood. She counts her resourcefulness as an integral element of her craft. Her ability to expose the stories behind everyday items, and change our perspective of their worth is her gift.
Too liberated to follow any trends, Hollie Wood Style is free of any societal pressure. She prefers to take the simple objects found in our everyday lives and change their legacy. A self-described scavenger, Hollie Wood’s philosophy is that regardless of its monetary worth, each item possesses energy and has a story to tell. That craftsmanship always matters, and that one’s motivation to purchase should always be based on how something feels. Hollie believes that a quality piece has the ability to transform a mantle, shelf, porch or room, into a story, rich with characters, drama, whimsy and depth. Hollie Wood Style will transform your home into a one-of-a-kind showcase illustrating your own style, creativity, history and essence.
– Written By Vail Duggan, Loulu Agency
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