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I have managed, worked, developed and hired for  several national Fortune 100 marketing campaigns. most for beverage clients. One would think offering a free cold beverage to a thirsty stranger on a hot summer day is easy, let me tell you…FIELD WORK CAN BE GRUELING.
Although it has been many years since I have been in the field, to this day I still give part time samplers, brand ambassadors, street teams props when I see them out.  I don’t care if you are pushing Kleenex during cold season in MN, offering free energy drinks to college students crashing for exams or  “suggesting” a new  liquor to a barfly… interacting with the public and playing off their reaction is tough work, and the kind that over time could break a man. You wanna to feel what life on the streets is like for a sampler, try walking down Madison Ave. in New York City and say hello to every person you see for 2 hrs and then try to shake their hand. You will get the drift.
So Back To A Few Lessons About Life On The Streets:
#1 If Your Thinking About Landing A Sampling Position To Avoid A Real Job… Remember Product Sampling Is Hard Work!
#2 Product Sampling is Sometimes referred to as Guerilla Marketing, it’s Not spelled Gorilla
#3 Remember when representing a brand in the field, first impressions are everything, look nice, never chew gum, eat or smoke,  smile often and always wear comfortable shoes. For more on this please read Peter Shankman’s article about what your style says about your brand.
#4 Try Not to Offer People A Choice (ie- Would you like the red or blue Koozie, the regular or diet) Human Nature Will add 2-3 Minutes to Each Interaction. Better to take the stance , “Here is a  complimentary(fill in the blank) on us, please enjoy.”
#5 Never Take People’s Reaction Personally When In the Field.
#6 If You Are Approached By A Sampler DO NOT Ignore Them, They Are Making A Living. Respect…
#7 Working On A Street Team Requires A Lot of Humility, Some Understanding of Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Marketing, and Public Relations. It Can Be Fun And Is An Amazing Way To Learn About Customers, Gauge Their Habits and Start a Career In Marketing…
#8 If You Are Going to Work In This Line Of Work, Work For A Top Company LikeGMR Marketing,  or Promoworks .  For a list of the top agencies to work for visitPromo Magazine’s Top 100 Agencies.
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