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My phone never rings anymore…It is not because I am not busy. In fact, I may answer up to 200 emails on a given day. However, for every 100 emails, I may get a call. People don’t want to talk anymore. Recently I was with a few  business owners and they were discussing how long it takes for people to reply to them.  Acknowledging that they choose the word “reply”.  I asked how often they sat face-to-face with their clients or called their customers.  (Cricket, Cricket, Cricket)

Honestly, I am struck at how far removed we have become in only ten years?  In our efforts to master the next technological gadget, we have moved further away from the very customer and client we ARE trying to get closer to?  As an entrepreneur with more than eighteen years experience in the PR/Marketing industry, I am still shocked about how many emails I get a day compared to calls. How many people reach out to me for the first time via an email.

Want to know if your client, customer or agency is happy, look them in the eye. Relationships still matter, hearing someone’s voice or physically seeing how they interpret what you are saying will always be the most true way to read someone. If you want to have a successful relationship with your clients, customers, partners, and employees, set up a meeting every now and then. Want to see if your business is running well, work behind the counter. Want to know if you clients are going to renew your contract, ask them out to lunch.

Use emails, texts, Facebook, Outlook, Blackberry’s, DRIODs, iPhones,  iPads as tools that allow you to be more efficient at your job.  Pick up the phone or schedule a meeting to build a relationship! For more insight on this topic please, visit Leigh Goessi’s article, “How Technology Affects Interpersonal Skills In Business.”

For a wake up call on the subject, watch below…

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