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I am stuck in an airplane, no book, no iPod, iPad, Kindel  or any other distraction that would enable me to “check out” and so I scribble on the back of the Flight #1428 Delta ticket. Awe, the lost art of writing. The pen feels awkward…Happy Birthday Loulu blog!

Perhaps you have spent a minute reviewing the Loulu site. You may be thinking what does this young woman know about Marketing and PR? Do I have a degree in Marketing, won awards, received an MBA from an Ivy League School or spent 30 years in the industry? I am afraid not, but I have managed, and assisted on some of the largest marketing campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in history. The Loulu blog is about sharing what I have learned, from a woman who has spent tens of thousands of hours in corporate America, thousands of hours managing events,  started two companies, been fired, popped up more events tents than I can imagine, written hundreds of proposals (RFP’s) and personally hired more than 300 employees. I am qualified to tell a few stories, and contribute to a blog, and eager to share what I have learned along the way.

The Loulu blog will offer advice, amusement, mindless entertainment, cool events, tips and the occasional selfless promotion. Feel free to contact me directly, leave a comment, reply and share.


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